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Voices of TFWs is an exhibit consisting of a collection of essays written by TFW ESL (English as a Second Language) learners on their own experiences, motivations and circumstances surrounding their journey to and in Canada, explains David Chan, an ESL instructor and a masters student of intercultural communication. As an ESL instructor I work with temporary foreign workers. I see the TFW situation from a different level, one that runs concurrent to the politics. That is, I hear stories stories of families, sacrifice, gratitude, and hope. These stories matter and it is important to remember the people amidst the politics.

If you haven't had the opportunity to learn about TFWs other than they work at JBS or in the service industry here, the essays reveal an intimacy one might not hear revealed, even face-to-face.

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In Canadian culture, TFWs are more than headlines. Chan says they are silent stakeholders. When it comes to the TFW program, Canadians are split, he says. The program has come under considerable scrutiny in recent months and opinions are strong on opposing sides. The focus of attention is largely on the governments handling of the program, economic challenges, concerns of employers, and fairness for Canadians. Yet while various stakeholder groups employers, unions, government argue to promote their perspectives, another group, no less a stakeholder, is largely silent: TFWs.

TFWs arguably have the most to gain or lose from the political outcomes. And yet, in many ways they must be silent on the sidelines. While Canadian priorities frame the discussion about them, what would a conversation with them uncover? What priorities are felt by TFWs, and how does Canada play into their personal stories?

Untold Stories. The political issues are indeed important, and should be grappled with in the public sphere. At the same time, I think Canadians need to remember and want to remember that another story (or rather many stories) is unfolding. One that does not center on the politics yet remains inherently worthy of being told.

Canada is in need of population growth, arguably more necessary now than any other time in it's history. Recent changes to TFW rules by the federal government have eliminated opportunity for these borrowed workers to seek Canadian citizenship through proper channels.

The purpose of the exhibit is to give voice to the personal realities of individuals working as foreigners in Canada, and to increase awareness among the Canadian public of the human element present in the political discussion.

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