Mmmm, Cuban food!

Jason and I were craving some Cuban food, so we searched Fort Lauderdale and found a little place called Vilas. This restaurant is located off the beaten path, which for me means about 10 miles from the ocean in Fort Lauderdale.

There are a gazillion Cuban restaurants in Miami, but they are a little harder to come by in Fort Lauderdale. We walked in and sat down and ordered right away. I am a pretty picky eater, so I didn't even need to look at the menu. Whenever I go to Cuban restaurants, I order beans and rice, yucca fries and plantains. Thats about it. Oh wait I love Cuban coffee or cafecito. That stuff is like liquid cocaine. I drink that and I can't stop talking for about three days. Lucky for me, I choose quiet friends so I can dominate the conversation when I need to!

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So, as you may have guessed, I ordered the yucca fries and plantains. I just ate Jasonsblack beans and rice. The fried yucca came with sauted onions on top, which wasnt my favorite. However, the onions we're easily removed so the crisis was averted with no problems. They we're crispy and hot on the outside and soft and starchy on the inside. The inside was still hot too, so that was good.

The fried plantain chips we're good. They also came out hot. However, plantain chips are good when they come out fresh or if they have been sitting a while. They are very similar to potato chips, so you have some real problems if you screw those up. All you need to do is slice, dice and fry twice!

The mojo sauce needed some lime and salt, so the server brought that over and I made my own mojo sauce concoction. I actually liked that part because then I could flavor it to my liking!

I am not quite sure what Jason had. I know he had some steak something or other He liked it. However, this blog is about French fries, not meat products, so that is all I am going to say about that. If you want to read more about meat products in South Florida, you can check out the Burger Beast blog.

I got home and had a little bit too much energy for my own good. I had Cuban coffee. Poor Jason had to listen to me talk about nothing the whole drive home. I guess that is nothing new because I have a very difficult time keeping my mouth shut. After Jason tuned me out, I found one of my cats. In true cat lady spirit, I picked up my poor cat and snuggled her to death. I think I freaked her out just a little

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