I wanted to upgrade all of my shoots

Recently I purchased 2 x 64GB Komputerbay 1066x since I wanted to upgrade all of my shoots to MLV Raw. Having used raw before with my 1000x Kompbay I really liked the extra sharpness and control the RAW files gave in grading, but was limited to the space on the cards.

While the Komputerbay cards are the cheapest, buying them in larger quantities can still hurt the pockets. I've waited for a long time to get new CF cards, as I've had other equipment and gear which we're higher on the priority list.

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I decided to get 2 x 64 gb cards instead of 1 x 128gb due to some reviews stating that the speed is actually faster (thus more reliable for ml raw), as well as some horror stories of 128gb cards failing meaning 128gb of footage is lost, as opposed to only 64gb being lost.

My settings we're 1920818 (2:35:1) at 23.976 continuous recording, no problem. I use the ML Grayscale preview to frame my shots then use half shutter to get an image preview and a feel for color and lighting.

All three hold up well with 23.976 continuos raw recording at 1080p & I use a lexar cf card reader for transferring data to ensure they aren't damaged.


I'd like to call this my first RAW shoot, although I've shot it for my own small projects this was a set location, and a set time frame. I've never needed more than my one 64gb 1000x card, but I knew I needed more for this shoot, and I was right. As we called a wrap at 10:30 I had used 2 64Gb cards, and a little bit on the 3rd I also survived on one battery which surprised me.

My gear consisted of:

  • Canon 5D Mk III
  • Sigma 12-24 mm f3.5-5.6
  • Rode Video Mic Pro
  • Glidecam HD-2000
  • Canon 24mm-70mm
  • Manfrotto Tripod w/ Fluid head
  • Slider

However I had only used the first for on the list, due to time & location constraints.

Post production

My usual workflow consisted of opening the folder with ML Raw Viewer (1.4.3) and exporting the files to DNGs. For some reason, the batch converter command (c) crashes on my windows pc, but works fine on my Macbook Pro (15 Retina Mid 2015). I went ahead and left my macbook on overnight, only to find that it had stopped converting in the morning.

I then went on to find another method and stumbled across this post and MLVFS. I was amazed out how the MLV's we're virtually mounted, and DNGs we're immediately available to view without even rendering/processing. The only downside is that it is only available for Mac.

After mounting the MLV folders, I imported the DNGs to DaVinci Resolve 12 Lite and dragged all the footage into the timeline. I also edited the project settings to ensure each clip had a reel-name (apparently this helps for round-trip editing). I then exported proxies at 1080p Apple Prores 422, which took a very long time (5-7 hours approx). In the future I will try to reduce the resolution to 720p/480p to see if this reduces render time. This step however is an absolute must as editing the clips with Davinci Resolve 12 is super slow and inefficient to work with.

The files we're then imported into Premier Pro CC and this was where the problems began. The metadata (reel names) had not been translated into Premiere. I tried to test to see if it would work by dragging a few clips in, exporting to final cut pro xml, and taking it into DaVinci. Fail.

Turns out reel name/tape name is vital. However, I did follow all the instructions on the link above, however the metadata data wasn't there. ( I also wasn't prepared to re-render for 5-7 hours as this project called for quick turnaround).

I then tried manually inputting the tape names in with the same reel names given in Davinci. This worked, but it was a tedious task. I'm pretty sure there is an easier way to batch edit these, but since I'm a noob I went through each one individually, copying and pasting reel names and manually adjusting the numbers. Nonetheless, it worked and I'm now in the process of cutting.

MLV Raw has it's pro's and cons, but seeing as I want to use the full potential of my camera, I'm willing to outweigh the cons in order to get achieve higher quality in my images.

Stayed tuned for more updates, this project will be releasing very soon and I'm excited to show the end product 🙂

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