The Christmas season can be quite tough for kids in foster care.

We've defiantly had our emotional moments as we came through Thanksgiving and now enter into Christmas. How much money should I spend on my foster kids gifts, Where do I get gift assistance?, We didn't get good gifts. or "enough gifts" from DFPS and with all the talk of gifts there is very little talk about the gift we should be sharing with our children this Christmas Christ!

We have an amazing opportunity to teach our children of Gods love and the gift of His son. It may be the only Christmas with the kiddos that will be in your home. It has unending possibilities to teach and share about Christ and why we as believers celebrate this special season. I've let dozens of opportunities of ministry slip by, however this year is different. I want to use the Christmas season to minister to our children and teach them the story of the greatest gift we have ever been given.

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In years past, well, anyone who knows me well knows that I've been a bit of a Grinch the last few years Gifts, gifts, gifts it's all about the gifts wasnt it something like that he said in the movie?

As we scramble and scramble, buy and buy we allow the gifts to overpower the true meaning of Christmas. We focus on gifts and at the end of the day it all amounts to what really?

Honestly, I've never mastered the Christmas season. I've gone full on Santa, buy-buy-buy mode and extreme no gifts mode. My Christmas celebration pendulum has swung so far each direction it's pitiful but this year I think we are finally on the right track. I'm still anti-Santa, yep, get mad, tell me how horrible I am it's nothing I haven't heard before but I stand firm that Christmas should not be about the man in the red hat that brings presents. Christmas should be about celebrating Christ's birth and God's love for us. No matter how you spin it in most American homes the 'Santa presence' way outweighs and overrides Christs celebration. So Santa, well he's on my naughty list

So, heres where we are this year


I purchased a few gifts to wrap for each of the kids. Each gift purchased with the intent to help teach them about and grow their relationship with God. Examples of this are Christian DVDs, bibles, workbooks, jewelry with scripture, etc.

I must admit my teen was a bit put off that everyone else will be getting_____, ________ and ________ and she wouldnt. So we ended up getting something that she liked yet through all the jokes around it will remind her each day that it was meant to bring her closer to God. So although it's not a gift of spiritual growth per-say, it is still a good and laughter filled reminder of whom she should be growing closer to. I don't want to be legalistic, just want to send the right message and help grow and equip each of them.

Our Traditions:

  • Display and discuss a nativity scene
  • Read the Christmas Story with hot chocolate by the fireplace
  • Attend a live nativity (This we didn't get to do this year, but hope to pick it back up next year)
  • Pray for others: Create a prayer chain with the names of those you've prayed for and decorate with it and/or pray for each person as you receive Christmas cards and send them a note you have prayed for them. (This also didn't come to fruition, but there's always next year)
  • Mobile Scavenger hunt: We popped popcorn and jumped in the car with camera in hand. As we searched for things like Angel, baby Jesus, Star, etc. we discussed the part each held in the first Christmas. When we found one of the items on the list we pulled over, jumped out and snapped a photo with the yard dcor/decoration. We laughed so hard as we scrambled not to get caught as the strangers in someones yard taking pictures, lol! It was a great opportunity to look at the beautiful lights/decorations, celebrate the message of Christs birth and make fun memories as a family.
  • And one of my childhood favorite traditions got a new spin

It was always a tradition of my maternal family that with the big gift you would have to solve clues to find it. Some things (like a horse for example) are not easily packaged nor do they fit well under the tree so they would wrap a clue and we would solve the clue/riddles while running around the house/yard in suspense trying to find the gift. This tradition was something I wanted to carry on with my family but this year I found I way to bring the Christmas message into it.

*From this point on you must agree that you will in no way share, discuss or hint to the knowledge of this tradition or the clues of this years hunt until after Christmas.

If you agree to the terms of use, sign here_________________

Here are the clues for this years hunt:

1. Wrapping the kids bible and placing it under the tree with this note

There are many great teachings within this book. Go ahead and take a look.

On the page of the Christmas story the note continues

Im sure the bible wasnt what you we're expecting but today we will be using if for more than life directing.

Today it is holding a simple clue, so listen carefully so you can figure out what you'll need to do.


As you'll see on this page along time ago Joseph and Mary used a donkey to travel to Bethlehem. It took many days, the journey was far.

We no longer travel by donkey, instead we now travel by ________.

2. This clue will be on the car

Youve done such a great job figuring out your clue to the car. Next time we won't have to go quite so far.

We will be moving towards something shiny and bright. Its the same thing that guided the wise men to Bethlehem that late December night.

3. This clue will be on or behind a star we have on the mantle

This is what the wise men found in Bethlehem, our very special gift. I'll give you one more clue in case you didn't catch my drift.

Our special gift from God above was the ultimate gift to show us his love. The gift was found lying in a manger of hay and is the reason why we celebrate Christmas day.

4. This clue will be underneath the baby Jesus of our nativity scene

Baby Jesus is the greatest gift of all, better than anything we could ever buy from the mall.

He came into this world with a humble beginning and died on the cross to erase all of our sinning.

I pray we always take time to remember, the gift we received that night in December.

God loves each of you so much that he gave you the gift of His son. Now to add a little bit of fun I must tell you now the gift giving is not quite done.

I know life is not always peaches and cream but Gods got a plan and He can redeem.

He only wants what is best for us, just look around at how much he blesses us.

Sometimes you may feel like your stuck in a maze, just trust Him and walk with Him all of your days.

Remember Hes faithful in all things, Yep, Hes done it again, but the best gift He gave us will always be the one that erased all our sin.

With God things are never out of reach or to hard, he's blessed us with a reminder that now sits in the yard.

As they are reminded of the best gift they will find their way to the big gift that's something fun for the whole family.

Thank you Lord for the gift of your son, for loving us, for opportunity to share your message and to love those you have placed in our lives. May each of us honor you in our Christmas celebrations and beyond. Amen!

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