Never burn your bridges...and other rules of any trade

I'm often perplexed by the lack of 'common sense' tricks and trades that many people (obviously) don't respect. So I decided to list (in no particular order) just a FEW of these, along with explanations for those who just don't seem to 'get it.'

1. Never burn your bridges. I can think of no other industry that this one pertains to more than the entertainment industry. This industry can be rewarding, it's true, but it can also be quite unforgiving. Cross that director today, and your script might not ever get read by ANYONE who matters (aka "decision makers"). The real danger is that you never know WHO is WHO (or is it "whom"?). That hairdresser you just cursed out could be the daughter of the housekeeper that Steven Spielberg considers "family." Believe me, stranger connections have occurred. Point is: be good to everyone. As the saying goes, "The same people you step on going up are the same ones kicking you when you're down."

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This one covers a multitude of transgressions, when applied correctly. What is means to "respect" others might not be so "cool" in your eyes, but these few rules will carry a lot of weight. * Dress accordingly - If you're meeting with an executive of ANY sort, dress properly! GUYS: That means putting on a belt, removing the jersey, and replacing it with a shirt and, (GASP!) even a tie! It means putting on a pair of REAL shoes (not sneakers...I don't care WHO endorses them!), and shaving...or at least, shaping up the facial hair. GALS: Unless you actually want to solicit for sexual favors, that means putting away the cleavage - and for goodness sakes NO ONE SHOULD KNOW YOU'RE WEARING A THONG! * Speech - everyone (I don't care who you are!) knows that offensive language is NOT OKAY in certain settings! Clean it up! Even some of the filthiest mouths in entertainment know this! That's why Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga GET the interviews...because they know when to clean it up and when not to. Learn from them.

3. Live within your means. Nothing is more humiliating that 'having' and then 'having it taken away.' This happens when we go "buck wild," buying everything in our path after just the first big check. Trust me: "easy come, easy go" is a factual statement. Instead of running out and buying that Lexus, how about seeing an accountant, banking that money, and/or investing in something worthwhile. I'm not saying don't ever get the Lexus...I'm suggesting that you do it at the appropriate time. And believe me: if you're still paying rent on a month-to-month basis, then it is NOT the appropriate time to get a Lexus!

Again, these are just a FEW rules of the trade to get into the industry, stay in the industry, and prosper in the industry. What words of wisdom can YOU add to this list?

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