How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

How to stay positive in a negative world is the focus of this blog. Now, I understand that we cannot remove negativity from the world but we do have the ability to understand negativity and learn how to stay positive from it. I do not mean that you have to totally ignore negativity in the world. Learning to understand negativity and choosing to not focus on it is a habit you need to acquire in order to be a positive role model for others.

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Negativity has a place in the world and the negative effect it has on our lives is actually a major part of what has molded our future. Many famous Actors and Actresses have had drastic childhoods and have had to push through life much harder than ones that had a great childhood. You all see, the end result is they end up living a life of wealth. I look at negativity as a challenge to overcome our fears and frustrations and focus on staying positive.

So negativity does have a place in our past lives and that has created our future. The focus here is to teach you how to overcome negativity in a world that's at times hard to stay positive. Just understanding how negativity has affected our future is a great starting point.

"How To Stay Positive" Define Your Goals!


First we need know how to stay positive by defining our goals

The following recommendations are keys to focus your mind on how to stay positive in a negative world.

In order to understand how to stay positive with all the negativity in the world, we first need to combat negativity with positivity. We do this by taking the time a write down our goals and dream as follows:

      • Writing about your future goals and the future life your striving for is critical
            • Writing allows you brain to labor with the body senses for dream completion
                  • Its what I call unknown power of the mind
            • Schedule actual time frames for each of your goals/targets and plan these daily
      • Take about 1 hour a day on positive personal development by reading, listening to pod cast or video.
            • Positive input has to outweigh negativity in the beginning until it's habit
            • Ive said this before negative goes in and that's what ends up coming out
      • Keep your mind focused on how to stay positive in a negative world is challenging
            • Reading news online vs watching it live does not have as bad an impact
            • This is basically a balancing act in the beginning until you form a habit.
            • Surround yourself with positive people

        I remember when I was enlisted in the military and encountered negativity. Working side by side with a few of my negative coworkers was challenging. The challenge was how to stay positive in a negative environment. Over time I actually started to see the effect they had on me because I too started being as negative as them. Negativity is unavoidable and we have to deal with it. Once I understood the effect is was having on me I made a decision and changed it. We all have the ability of greatness within us and just one small decision can make all the difference in the world. Thats what I did.

I just decided to not let them influence my life in that way anymore. Understand there we're repercussions in my decision because even though I decided not to let them effect my life I still had to work alongside them. These we're not bad people, they just grew up in a different environment than me. So what I did instead was find the good qualities in them and it made the job a whole lot easier. But I truly feel that minor decision lead me to making other great decision and led me to where I am today just by overcoming that negative environment.

I told you above the steps on how to stay positive by focusing on your dreams and goals. But what do you do to avoid negativity.

Be aware of negative people; the complainers that spend their time putting others down to make themselves feel better.

Reject Negativity Learn How To Be Positive

These are low self-esteem leaches and they thrive on positive people, you want to avoid them if possible and find positive ones. They are what I call dream stealers. However they can only steal your dream if you allow them to.

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