The festival was such a blast!

The Irvine show was an absolute blast and we have nothing but thanks to show for the guys and gals at FunnyorDie for helping run the Oddball Comedy Festival. When we left Irvine, we absolutely knew this was the place for us, but Denver, CO opened up an entirely new perspective. Early on, we experienced high volumes of crowds, everyone participating in the activities and this makes us appreciate that new law that was passed in the state of Colorado.

It was extremely windy early on and there we're some signs of rain coming in, but after awhile the wind calmed down and the event continued. As you can see, they came in droves and we had several winners early on.

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The event was an absolute success. People packed the place and luckily they did, it would end up raining just as we we're packing up, but check out the people.

We absolutely stole the show with our game setup, winners had chances to win some free gear either a t-shirt, carrying case or even a discount on the current Chess Piece OG.

The Chess Piece team worked extremely hard and it sure paid off. This tour was a huge point in exposure to crowds of people looking for a high quality product and the way they we're able to bring in new faces each day, this team showed it's dedication.

Now it's time to give out a prize to one last winner of the event then it's off to Mountain View, CA

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